Back of Capri Being Demolished for New Towers

Hamilton’s famous Capri Ristorante has sold their concrete block addition for a cool $1 million to LiUNA/ Hi-Rise Group, who plan to expand the site for their two 30-storey residential towers in the lot behind the restaurant.

Originally, the entire Capri building was slated for sale to the developers but prior to the deal closing, the owners got cold feet and renegotiated the agreement so that they could still operate in the historic space.

With the sale, LiUNA/ Hi-Rise Group now have access to a wide strip between King William Street and the alley, which will be combined with the adjacent parking lot plus the old Kresge building site at the corner of King William and Hughson Street.

Rubble from the now torn down Kresge building, which used to operate the Kresge store and then Delta Bingo Hall (taken in June 2017)

As for the family running Capri Ristorante, the proceeds of the sale will go toward updating the iconic restaurant. While some of the updates will be minor, such as refurbishing the street sign, other updates will be massive undertakings including new electrical and plumbing.

The restaurant will also have to convert the group dining area at the back into a brand new kitchen since the entirety of Capri’s kitchen is located in the addition that’s about to get knocked down.

It’s even possible that Capri will move a showpiece oven by the front windows, just like the way it was in Capri’s first years of operation. The pizza was so popular in the ’60s that lines would constantly form outside of the building.

The Capri mural located on the addition were prominently featured in the 2010 movie Kick-Ass (just be warned that the clip below has swearing)

While the iconic mural will be missed, it’s probably for the best that the addition was sold since the towers are being built regardless and leaving the back of Capri would have made for a very awkward gap on King William Street. Plus, the owners of Capri seem to be pretty chipper about using the sale proceeds to renovate and bring new life into their long-standing restaurant.

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