Hamilton Tattoo Parlour Removing Hateful Tattoos for Free

On Tuesday, Grim City Tattoo Club on Parkdale Ave N announced that they will be removing tattoos that display racist imagery or that were caused by traumatic events including human trafficking or chemotherapy marks.

The free laser removals are part of the shop’s efforts to help individuals move on from their pasts and it’s caught the attention of thousands of locals who have been sharing the post through Facebook.

The Hamilton tattoo parlour has been overwhelmed with requests and with it has come an onslaught of tragic stories. The co-owner Memphis Cadeau describes many of the stories as “sickening” and is glad that she can give what many consider a second chance by freeing them of these marks or symbols.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this free service, please contact Grim City Tattoo Club by email to or by phone at either 905-544-1222 or 905-312-9000.

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