HSR to be 85% PRESTO tap by 2021

It was mentioned last year that paper tickets for the HSR would be phased out in the near future but that date just got a lot closer.

Last week, the city committed themselves to the goal of having 85% of HSR riders use PRESTO cards over paper tickets under a new deal with Metrolinx.

For Hamilton, paper tickets will still be issued for at least another year before the big push to switch over customers.

It’s not just Hamilton, however, as Metrolinx is pushing for all municipalities it operates within to adopt the same targets.

The concern right now is that those with lower incomes such as seniors or the working poor may be affected the most as PRESTO card ownership is costlier than just a paper ticket, especially if you lose the card (existing riders know what I’m talking about here).

Under the new deal, Hamilton politicians also agreed to a 10 year contract with Metrolinx that will provide the city with an annual $11 million through provincial gas tax.

We can only hope some of that money will go toward a smooth transition as we further enter into a paper-less world.

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Comments (2)

  1. Jason P

    Good to see that Hamilton will catch up by getting rid of paper tickets. Just one small point: you don’t need to tap off when exiting an HSR bus.