You can now fly from Hamilton to select Canadian cities under $100

WestJet’s new ultra-low-cost airline Swoop will see its first flights take off in June of this year, but you can start booking your tickets now.

While outbound flights from Hamilton are limited to only Abbotsford, Edmonton, Halifax and Winnipeg, this is a great start and a welcome addition to Canada’s growing low-cost carrier market.

While ultra low cost airlines have been around in Europe for many years now, the trend is still very new in Canada.

The way the airlines operate is by giving you just a seat as a base price and from there you can choose add-ons at your own discretion. So if you want to check a bag, add leg room, use Wi-Fi or eat a snack, those will all be extra charges.

After a few minutes of clicking around, we did indeed find several one-way flights under $100 but most of which are in the fall season. Personally, I’m eyeing those round-trip flights to B.C..

Now if only an ultra-low-cost phone company could make its way into Canada…

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