Hamilton Conservation Authority’s report stresses climate change

Every five years, Hamilton Conservation Authority issues an environmental assessment. The goal of the report is to keep Hamiltonians aware of local conditions, as well as to inform environmentalists which areas need more attention.

The report aims to teach citizens how to make informed decisions when it comes to the health of Hamilton’s land and water.

The 2018 report’s results stress the world’s changing climate and the impact it has on Hamilton.

Records have shown that Hamilton’s climate has changed over the last 40 years. Extreme weather, such as the high temperatures we have been facing since late June, has occurred more often and is expected to only get worse.

Due to the changing weather conditions, certain forms of infrastructure may be at risk of failure. It is likely that the damage Hamilton’s Waterfront Trail has faced has been a result of such changes.

In recent years, Hamilton has faced extended summer droughts and milder winters. While we may prefer hot, dry summers and warmer winters, these temperatures have severe consequences on the environment.

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There’s many ways you can help take better care of Hamilton and fight climate change.

The easiest way to help is to make sure you dispose of waste properly. This includes using both your blue bin and green bin, as well as taking the time to correctly dispose of harmful materials such as paint, batteries, and light bulbs.

To help combat storm drain flooding, direct your home’s water run-off onto your lawn or garden instead of the road. Don’t dump any unwanted liquids down a storm drain.

To learn more, the entire Hamilton Conservation Authority report can be accessed here.

How are you going to help combat climate change in Hamilton? Let us know in the comments.

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