Hamilton McDonald’s customer dials 911 over cold food

One customer at a Hamilton McDonald’s wasn’t lovin’ it this weekend.

The customer, who remains anonymous, ordered a hamburger and fries through Uber Eats. When their food arrived cold, the unsatisfied customer called 911.

It’s unclear whether McDonalds or Uber Eats is to blame for the cold food, but there is a lesson to be learned from this experience.

If you’re receiving any form of customer service, dissatisfying service is no reason to call the police. Whether you’re shopping for clothes or are at a restaurant, if you’re unhappy with your experience there are managers and supervisors to speak to.

Emergency services are meant for just that – emergencies. Only call 911 if it’s a matter or life or death. Pranks and non-emergency calls tie up the lines and make getting help to people with serious emergencies more difficult.

Take these McNuggets of wisdom with you the next time you receive poor service.

Do you think cold food is worth calling the police over? Let us know in the comments.

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